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JOINT VENTURES IN USA  require substantial investment of TIME, SKILLS, EFFORT, MONEY and TEAMWORK!

While estimating the cost of a joint Venture with USA, the GOOD-WILL factor of the U.S. company must be taken into account.

America comes with a high premium! 

We provide Consultation Services for Joint Ventures, namely:

  • Initial survey and feasibility study of the Joint Venture project.

  • Calculate an initial estimated budget based on the specificaitons provided by client.

  • Identify the various risk factors involved. and reduce the risks if possible.

  • Discover the legal and Regulatory requirements of the American Federal government, State, City/County, applicable to the specific industry, licenses, clearances, approvals, insurances etc.

  • Determine the human other resources required.

  • Determine legal and other services required in the USA.

  • Assist with negotiations, working as Intermediary Consultants.

  • Check the Trust-worthiness of Joint Venture partners.

  • Oversight of Quality Assurance (QA).

  • Trade-Show  support and follow up, if your company is participating in a Trade-Show or a promotional event in USA. 

  • Other services required for customizing the project to the client's specific needs.

Our Consultation fees and terms are based on the exact nature and complexity of the Joint Venture project.

Flexibility in our work schedule is a KEY factor in delivering customized, Joint Venture solutions to our clients by bridging the gap in different time-zones! 
Our TEAM works extended hours, early mornings, late evenings, nights and weekends in rotational shifts, as and when the need arises.

We offer multiple billing plans:

  • Time & Billing,

  • Flat-Rate 

  • Mix & Match, combo plans.
    Our Joint Venture Manager are American citizens who have cleared background checks, willing to sign Non-Disclosure-Agreements (NDA), and strictly conforms to all regulatory requirements.

If you have questions about our Consultation Services for Joint Ventures in USA,

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