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  • We are experts at building highly skilled teams to meet your organization's project goals, utilizing Project Management Methodologies:
  • Bridging the gap between different cultures, foreign accents, time zones, work ethics etc., is our area of expertise!
  • We collaborate and coordinate amicably with your in-house employees without getting involved in internal office politics or ego clashes.
  • To determine which methodology to use,  key factors have to be considered, namely:
    Company's core values and goals.
    Project complexity.
    Team's skill sets, knowledge, capabilities, experience and readiness.​​​
    Organization's internal and external changes.
    Key business drivers.
    Constraints in resources, financial, HR, equipment and infrastructure etc.
    Stakeholders & Investors.
    Risks, financial, human, local, global etc.
    Industry specific government regulations, licenses and permits etc.
    And other factors that will impact a project, directly or indirectly.

 In some cases, a combination of methodologies need to be used in different phases of the projects,

The initial steps for a project needs to include, DETAILED documentation of PROJECT'S SPECIFICATIONS (SPECS), which has been signed/approved and the necessary budget allocated for the project. 

  • Special offer:
    FREE initial email consultation, followed by an ON-SITE in USA
    for American companies if you are located in New York City (NYC) or within 20 miles radius of Parsippany, NJ,
    (some exclusions apply).

    for American companies, some exclusions apply.

    No strings attached.
    Limited time offer. 

    Why hire us? 

  • We will save you, precious time, effort and money!

  • We are an American company, staffed by US citizens!

    Your sensitive Data will be handled only by our American Consultants and staff.
    We will not outsource your sensitive Data overseas

    We strictly adhere to all regulatory and security requirements, including HIPPA and we are open to  signing Non-Disclosure agreement (NDA) when required. 

  • Our managers and team members are experts in their line of work and will go out of their way to adjust to budget constraints and create an affordable solution if possible.

  • No long term or annual commitments.
    We are flexible with the duration of the project, based on your needs, we offer month-to month plans, four to six months projects in addition to annual plans on part-time or full time basis.

  • We offer Time & Billing, Flat-Rate or Mix & Match-Combo plans!

  • We will work out an initial FREE ESTIMATE for your project if you send us your requirements and your company is registered in USA.

  • We work early mornings, late evenings and weekends, incase of urgency or to sync with teams in different time zones! 

  • Once the project is completed, we will exit. In some special cases, we offer the option of extended service.

  • For SHORT-TERM projects, why hire Permanent Staff and make long-term commitments?

  • Finding experienced, multi skilled staff with the right work ethics to get the job done right, can be challenging!

    Contact us to find out, how we could make your life easier.

    No obligation and no sales pressure.

    Questions? Email or click here to submit a Contact Form. 
    If you are an American company, voice mail or text 1 973 298 6147 for faster response, even during off-hours and weekends!

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