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  • Invest in American Land.
  • Invest in American Companies.

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Service offerings by Emerging New Horizons Inc.

Investments in USA, Joint Ventures, Trade Show Support, Marketing & Fulfillment Services in America.

Our Mission:
To facilitate the creation of affordable, quality products and services and promote them in the market.

Searching for that human connection in America ?

If America is on your mind, building an INTERNATIONAL TEAM with U.S Consultants who thoroughly understand the U.S territory and also the foreign counterpart is highly recommended!

Finding trustworthy partners for collaboration is crucial for the success of any venture.

Your company will gain more credibility in the U.S. Market if you appoint an American representative.

We specialize in the following Services:

  • Investments in U.S - Real Estate
    Whether you are looking for Real Estate investment in USA directly or through Joint Ventures, we will provide Professional services for pointing you in the right direction!
    If you are seeking other types of ventures in America, email us to find out if we offer the specific service you are seeking.
    Avoid costly mistakes by utilizing the services of reliable U.S. Professionals. 
  • Trade-Shows, Conferences & Marketing campaigns :
    If you are planning to participate in Trade-Shows or if you have already signed-up, we provide support in the planning phases, run PRE-TRADE SHOW marketing campaign to generate traffic to your booth, interact with potential customers during the TRADE-SHOW at the booth and follow-up with them after the Trade-Show.
  • Quality Assurance Services:
    The American market is highly QUALITY conscious and demand excellence in both products and services, followed by reliable after-sale customer care. Many Americans are reluctant to deal with overseas suppliers for various security reasons.
    Overseas suppliers are realizing that appointing a U.S. based company to handle customer care, gives them an edge over their competitors.

  • Other Professional Services:
    If you are seeking any other services not mentioned here, send us an email to

The American market has undergone drastic changes in recent years.
The approach and strategies that worked in the past are now ineffective or obsolete in many cases!

A new and innovative way of thinking is essential, followed by a new course of action!

The recent turn of Global events has triggered a different trend in America. 

Many American citizens are developing a different mindset, re-igniting  and re-enforcing their patriotism and love of country.

The corporations and small businesses are also responding to this new trend.

Our TEAM possesses, a life time of REAL WORLD experience and are capable of pointing you in the right direction and saving you the cost of learning from the Trial & Error method!

It's beneficial for prospective Investors, Joint Venture participants, Marketing companies to consult with experts who thoroughly understand the American territory, it's laws. regulations and the different style of conducting business in USA.

We will assist you in  bridging the gap between languages, time zones, cultures, attitudes, work ethics and other key factors which lead to a successful implementation of projects, especially Joint Ventures!

Your chances of making progress is higher, in a cost efficient way, if you connect with a team that's already based in USA as compared to setting up your own operations in USA or depending only on your In-House Marketing staff for promoting your business by visiting USA, few times a year.
To find out, how we may assist you, please read the FAQ  page
and email : or click here to submit a Contact Form