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Frequently asked questions.

What type of Consultation Services are offered by your company?
The Services we offer can be grouped into 6 main categories:

  • Joint Ventures
  • U.S. land Investments by non-American citizens.
  • Trade-Show & Marketing support and follow-up,
  • Logistical & Fulfillment support in USA.
  • Quality Assurance
  • Other Services

For all the above mentioned  services, we perform the following functions :

Conduct initial Survey & Research to enable a prospective client to determine if their company's  products or services can be manufactured, marketable or source-able in the USA. If the Client already has an existing venture in USA, then we will skip this phase.

Based on the client's documented-specifications, we work out an estimated budget in coordination with stake holders and senior management of the Joint Venture or a Stand-Alone project.

Assist with preparatory work and documentation.

Provide services for identifying the human resources required, namely,  Attorneys, Accountants, Third-Party Consultants, Contractors, Vendors and other Service providers, who are licensed and specialized to provide services in USA that's specific to your Venture.

Management and supervisory support for establishment of day-to-day operations.

Quality monitoring and Assurance.

Crisis intervention for on-going projects.

Exit preparation and Exit-support when the project is completed.

Other Professional Services.

If a specific service you are seeking is not mentioned here, send us an email.

What are your Consultation fees?
Our fees vary, according to the exact nature of your project and it's complexity.
Your first, Email Inquiry will be prcessed free of cost if it's sent from a company email ID.

We offer ONE-TIME EMAIL CONSULTATION for a FLAT-FEE. The fee will will be based on your specifications and industry.
Request a  FREE-ESTIMATE for an Email Consult by sending an email, describing your requirements to

(We are a Business-to-Business Service, we do not offer our services to the public or respond to their emails sent from free, publi email addresses). 
For projects of 1 month to 1 year duration, our fees are calculated with volume discounts after we receive the detailed Project specifications at the time, the Client SIGNS-UP.

For example, our fees for sourcing a raw material from USA, will be different from a Joint Venture project which involves a highly regulated industry in USA.

Please note: We provide Consultation services only to companies that fall within certain industries that are approved as per our company's  policy.

Are there any other fees?
Yes, there's an initial set up fees + retainer only if you decide to hire our services.
The setup fees & retainer will vary, based on the exact nature and complexity of your project. 

Are there any contracts to sign?
ONE-TIME EMAIL CONSULTATIONS, do not require contracts.
If your project requires a TECHNICAL & Management team and project duration exceeds one month, then a contract might be required.

Is there a way to contact your company via phone?

Yes, we provide contact phone numbers to prospective clients who submit a PHONE-REQUEST.
We do not provide phone service to the public.
Our preferred mode of communication is via emails as we work in a detail oriented, documented, TEAM environment.

What type of industries are served by your company?
We serve multiple industries, however we do not serve all industries. We are very selective of which industries we serve and which companies, we associate with. To find out, send an  email inquiry with your company information and your industry type. Please note, we only respond to company emails.  

Is your company registered in USA?
Yes. We are an American company with highly experienced consultants who are American citizens and who have cleared background checks. Some of our senior Consultants posses, life time of experience  in USA and overseas.

Can a prospective overseas client meet with one of your company's representatives in person?
Yes, meeting can be arranged in Manhattan. New York City (NYC) or within 20 miles of NYC, in USA after your company has registered with us and make a request for a personal appointment in USA (no walk-ins). Certain exclusions apply and there will be a charge for In-Person-Consultation. We also have our representatives in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, India.

If we are interested in your company's services, how do we get started?
The first step would be to submit an inquiry via our Contact form or send us an email from your company email ID.
After we receive your inquiry with specifications, we will mutually discuss via email, the feasibility of your goals,  our fees, terms etc.
 If both parties mutually agree, you can submit a REQUEST FOR SERVICES via email. After we receive your request, we will guide you to the next steps for Sign-Up. Please note, we have representatives abroad who will meet with you in person, prior to finalization. You may also meet with one of our Consultants in New York City or another location in the east coast of USA.

If you have more questions, email

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