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FREE, initial email consultation for companies registered in USA. 
Limited time offer. No strings attached. 

Some restrictions apply.

We are an American Company.

Specialized in creating customized, tailor-made solutions that fit your company's unique needs and budget!

We are experts at DATA MIGRATION: Extract, Transform & Load (ETL).

Is your data scattered across numerous Excel spreadsheets, Access Database, Flat files, Legacy Systems and other Databases?
Then chances are, your sensitive data is at greater risk, not synced between multiple systems and not updated in real-time, leading to inaccurate reports and statements!

Data Migration/Extract, Transform and load ( ETL) solution will load your precious Data into one location in a SQL-SERVER Database through which, additional security measures and updates in real-time can be implemented. 

In business, one size rarely fits all! That's why, customized solutions are essential.

Our Consultants and our support staff are American citizens, fully vetted with background clearances!

Real-world experience in management is essential for interacting tactfully with high profile clients, stake holders and senior management!

Times have changed!
The job market has changed drastically due to Covid and other global and domestic factors!

Reviewing resumes and conducting interviews is a time and effort consuming endeavour! 
Even if you find the ideal candidate, there's no guarantee that they will accept your offer . . .
You might have to do another round, all over again!

Finding multi-talented managers and skilled professional for delivering complex projects, can be challenging!

We already have a top-notch team in place to serve our client's needs.

Some of our senior Consultants are willing to travel occassionally!

We serve multiple industries through a wide network of expert Consultants and Associated companies:

  • Information Technology (IT).
  • Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences.
  • Personal Care with emphasis on hygiene, cleaning wipes etc.
  • Environmental Protection
  • Alternative Energy.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Finance.
  • Automotive.
  • Electronics.
  • Other industries.

    Project Management principles and methodologies are transferrable across multiple industries. 

    FREE EMAIL CONSULTATION followed by an ON-SITE meeting
    if you are located in NYC or within 20 miles of Parsippany, NJ.

    No sales pressure.

To find out, how we may serve your organization or to schedule an email or on-site consultation, email or

click here to submit a Contact Form.
If you are an American company, voicemail or text 1 973 298 6147 for faster response during late evenings and weekends! 

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